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webDiplomacy Credits
A list of the people who helped/help make webDiplomacy what it is.
  • The regulars, the donators
  • Making suggestions, reporting bugs, helping people in the forums, donating
  • Lucas Kruijswijk
  • Authoring the DATC adjudicator tests
  • figlesquidge
  • SVG map developer, coast fix patch
  • Chris Hughes
  • webDiplomacy Facebook dev, variable game phase lengths, game listings pagination
  • thewonderllama
  • Unit placement orders fix, designing and running the GFDT tournaments
  • Chrispminis, figlesquidge, dangermouse, thewonderllama, TheGhostMaker
  • Retired moderators, wrote the list of rules
  • TheGhostMaker and Alderian
  • Designing and running the ghostrating system, helping with the GFDT, home page mock-up
  • jayp
  • Many new features for 0.91, regarding extra game settings. Multi-variant code developer
  • Carey Jensen (gilgatex)
  • Variant developer, developer
  • Oliver Auth (Sleepcap)
  • Variant creator
  • The Prototype JavaScript framework team
  • Our JavaScript utility library
  • Alex Lebedev
  • Sponsored the localization support.