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Lepanto 6X (6 players)
Basically taking the Lepanto (2-player) variant and turning it into a 6-player death-match.
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Variant Parameters (Version: 1 / Code: 0.74):

Special rules/information:

Supply Centres occur in 4 locations - Planets, Admiral Ships, Orbital Space Centres and the Galaxy Centre

There are Fleets and Armies (scouts and battleships). Fleets can move 2 hexes, but can't occupy planets. Only Fleets can move through Space Junk. Only Fleets can occupy Orbital Space Centres. Fleets and Armies can occupy the Galaxy Centre.

There are wormholes scattered throughout the board, these are represented by the Purple dot-lines. Fleets and Armies can use the wormholes (making J47 adjacent to J54 - for instance). They also join "underneath" the galaxy from the outer zone in the middle of each sector, J5 is adjacent to J42 - which is easy to see as you just follow the Hex-line to the hex on the other end of the map.

Each faction has two Admiral Ships. These are stationary, and ownership of these is represented underneath the map (in the squares A1-A12, which correspond to the Hex numbers). Admiral Ships can support as per a Fleet or Army. But they cannot move and are considered stationary. and cannot retreat. If an Admiral Ship is conquered then they conquering power becomes the owner of that Admiral Ship and the previous rules apply (ie. they can't then move the Admiral Ship). An Admiral Ship cannot be voluntarily disbanded.

The winner is the player who first controls 7 Admiral Ships - NOT by SC count.

Players start scattered across the board - Armies starting on Planets, and Fleets on the other Hexes. So Kakaememas would start with the following:

6 SCs - A11, A12, G34, H13, E11, H24 (meaning a shortfall of 4 SCs to begin with)

2 Admiral Ships - A11, A12

6 Armies - G34, H13, E11, H24, D17, D18

4 Fleets - G33, G35, F28, F29

P.S. vortex-rule: it had to do with the middle hex bumping occupying units out of it in either spring or autumn.